I graduated at Speos professional photographic institute in Paris, 2003 and I attended a Master of Scene Photography at IED, Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, 2006.
I participated to various workshops with photographers such as Manuel Vason, Grégoire Alexandre and Walter Astrada.
In 2013 I’ve attended a diplome in Autorapresentation in Gymnasio de Arte y Cultura, Mexico City.

I produced documentation and promotional material for many italian and international theater companies. Following them through the "work in progress" of their plays and through various projects, my approach was to develop the different aesthetic of each group through my pictures.

I worked for several theater festivals and institutionals theaters in Italy, such as Santarcangelo dei Teatri and Teatro Dimora dell'Alboreto.
Photographing their locations and structures I started to deal and work with architectural photography.

Since 2009 I organize workshops of scene photography.

In 2012 I’ve self-product “Alibi”, an illustrated book where pictures and words work together.

I’m now based in Mexico City, working in food photography and with visual artists; to give a lively documentation of their work.

In 2013 I’ve participated at the multidisciplinar installation “EternalWeaving”, in Casa Galería, Mexico City.

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